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GMS Estates, Central London

When GMS Estates, a private property management company expanded and took over a new commercial premises, they were very impressed with the consistently high level of cleaning we were providing there. So impressed in fact, that they soon approach A Total Kleaning to provide them with a quote for taking over the cleaning contract for their entire portfolio of properties.


As we do with all of our new client enquiries, we took the time to visit each of their sites on an individual basis and assess their requirements. We carried out an in depth evaluation of the services they would require and as they already had experience of the high level of service we provide, they found our pricing extremely competitive. We presented them with a full cleaning service proposal for each site and they duly accepted.


By using A Total Kleaning across their entire portfolio, GMS estates were able to rely on us fully to report back to them on a number of topics that they consider extremely important to their business. This includes any damage within their property portfolio, advice on any additional cleaning services that would help them reach even higher standards and advice on when specific maintenance task should be carried out, such as carpet cleaning.


To provide a further level of assurance to the residents of GMS Estates’ properties, our mobile cleaning teams always attend their premises in fully branded vehicles.


We continue to have a close, strong working relationship with GMS Estates and now provide cleaning services for them at 25 separate locations throughout London thanks to our mobile teams of experienced cleaning staff.

GMS Estates

Mobile Property Cleaning

2007 – Present